LarvaLabs begins Meebits, its third NFT project

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have become an exciting field in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The rate of development and adoption of NFTs has been massive. Many companies in the play are expanding their presence in the market. As an example, LarvaLabs has just launched its third NFT project after spearheading previously successful ones.

LarvaLabs introduces Meebits

LarvaLabs, the company behind the Cryptopunks NFTs, has launched its third NFT project, the firm announced earlier today.

In a blog post, the company stated that it hopes Meebits will be an upgrade to the Cryptopunks. The statement read, “If the Cryptopunks is an ideal 2D avatar for Discord, Twitter, and other social media, then we hope that the Meebits will be the 3D avatar for virtual worlds, games, and VR. We are bullish about the metaverse future, and we look forward to seeing how the Meebits are used in such environments.”

The Meebits project is LarvaLab’s third NFT. They previously developed Cryptopunks and Autoglyphs. LarvaLabs stated that Meebits share some characteristics with the other two NFT projects. For instance, Autoglyphs-style generative tattoo patterns can be used on certain Meebits.

According to LarvaLabs, the Meebits were created using low-poly and voxel 3D graphics. However, it wasn’t an easy process. “Writing a generator of voxel characters was a lot more challenging and involved than writing a 2D generator. We’ve been tinkering with voxel generation for a few years and are proud of where we ended up,” the post stated.

Ultimately, the company intends to include other upgrades, including an asset pack for each Meebit that enables the owner to create a “T-pose” version of the avatar. The owner can use this upgrade in any 3D studio, game engine, or virtual world that supports the rigging of humanoid avatars for animation.

Community members to benefit from the grant.

Additionally, LarvaLabs will reward Cryptopunk and Autoglyph holders. In fact, each Cryptopunk and Autoglyph will act as a ticket that owners can use to redeem a free Meebit. The exception will be for gas fees. Granted, they will also retain their original NFTs.

Meebits are standard ERC-721 tokens with their marketplace built-in. LarvaLabs will allow users to buy and sell them using ETH and other complex trades. People can purchase Meebits as long as they are not locked up via the community grant. The company will set an initial price that will decrease over the week until it reaches zero.

LarvaLabs’ Cryptopunks have become popular. They are set to be a part of the auction house Christie’s upcoming sales event.

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