Bitcoin has a probability of making another lower low, Ethereum has very bullish market structure


Currently Bitcoin is bearish. It will increase the probability of Bitcoin making another lower low from April 25, 2021, which will push it down. That correction is very good for the long-term if Bitcoin wants to be bullish. We have never had a proper technical correction in Bitcoin since last year, it will be a moment where smart people will buy, but someone else will cry.


Leverage has been reduced in the system yesterday. It is good for further, more sustainable growth. But obviously as price goes higher again more traders take on leverage and it’s a cycle of liquidations. It has a very bullish market structure.


Breakout invalidated. At this point DOT is extremely non-interesting to trade, DeFi is very undervalued right now and meme coins are way too overvalued. DOT/SZN will happen at some point in the next 6-12 months with projects launching on there but it is still far away.

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