The first Bitcoin car is coming to the Indianapolis 500!

Bitcoin car is the first ever automobile to be fully designed, developed and financed through Bitcoin. It is crowd-funded automotive engineering project, with a target to bring more mainstream awareness about Bitcoin. The car will be driven by Ed Carpenter of Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR), who has forfeited all sponsors this season to use the popular orange Bitcoin logo on his car in a bid to break away from corporate logos and show that cryptocurrencies are more than just a niche for geeks. The Bitcoin car No. 21 of veteran driver Jeff Green will be sponsored by Lightning Network payment platform Strike and it would enter the track race on May 30 in Indianapolis at the qualifying round of America’s most prestigious racing tournament, the Indy 500. The lightning network is a second layer payment protocol which increases bitcoin’s transaction capacity, reduces fees and enables instant payments.

The Bitcoin car will be build to showcase Bitcoin would run and that the sponsoring company or private individual would get the car sponsored. The car would travel from country to country and display certain cryptocurrency related messages, logos or other information. A 5K run / race for the btc community to have fun and raise money for a worthy cause.

The official blog announced the world’s first car that is paid by bitcoin.,

On May 30th, Ed’s team will take the track to race car #21, the Bitcoin car. In a world of potato chip and energy drinks sponsors, Ed chose to race for human freedom, financial literacy, financial inclusivity, savings technology, and Bitcoin open-source development.

ECR to offer Bitcoin payment option for employees

ECR will be the first IndyCar Series team to integrate a Bitcoin payment option for all its employees. ECR Owner Eric Bachelart is a big believer in cryptocurrency and has already integrated it as a viable payment method for his other business outside of racing. This sponsorship is not only the largest in bitcoin history, but also marks an important step forward in bringing digital currency into the mainstream.

This isn’t a payday for Ed. This isn’t a payday for Strike. Nobody is making money on this project. it’s not about a payday. This is about supporting Bitcoin awareness and supporting open-source Bitcoin development. This is about forgetting our differences for the next two and a half weeks, locking arms, and making history as a community.

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