One out of every four Americans believe Dogecoin is the future shows in a survey in the US

Dogecoin has been gaining more and more popularity in the past few years. It started as a joke currency that was used for tipping, but is now being treated with an increasing amount of seriousness. This site is dedicated to all users who are interested in Dogecoin, and want to learn more about it.

The biggest question for the future of crypto currencies is whether or not the general public is willing to use them. For example, one in four Americans believes that Dogecoin (DOGE) will replace fiat currency and become a medium of exchange. These numbers are based on a survey conducted by online portal in the United States, Mexico, Germany, France and Italy. In addition to this, 11 percent of Italians would be ready to accept DOGE as payment for their goods or services.

Source: Gamblers Pick

The survey showed that the majority of Americans are not experts in cryptocurrencies, with only nine percent having a deep understanding of the subject.

According to poll statistics, social media is where people hear about Dogecoin (DOGE) the most, with 33.7% saying they heard about the coin through social media platforms. 21.7% of survey respondents said they had heard about DOGE through word of mouth and friends and family. 45% of respondents have heard of Dogecoin and about 27.6% have invested in it. Another striking statistic shows that 30% of those surveyed believe that Dogecoin is the new Bitcoin.

Not all survey participants who invested in Dogecoin were satisfied with their choice. 40% regret investing in Dogecoin. 48.8% regret investing in inflated stocks on Reddit, like the recent Wallstreetbets GME stock hype. 15.2% disapprove of Dogecoin, while 41.1% are indifferent and 43.6% approve of DOGE.

When considering Elon Musk’s part in the Dogecoin hype, most respondents either like what he has to say about DOGE or don’t care about his opinions on Dogecoin.

The survey highlights:

“Most respondents either approved of or didn’t care when it came to Musk’s Doge-related information.”

At the end of the survey, Gamblerspick researchers highlighted that about one in four Americans believes Dogecoin is the future. 23% of survey respondents believe DOGE will hit $1 per unit this year. 46.4% invest in Dogecoin just for fun, while 53.6% invest because they see it as an opportunity to get rich.

Regarding the crypto ecosystem, in general, Gamblerspick survey respondents believe that the financial industry will be affected the most. The financial sector is followed by retail, casino/gambling, and cannabis respectively.

Gamblerspick notes:

“Most people thought it would be a perk for Amazon to accept Dogecoin as payment. While other stores were considered, 41.1% of respondents said they didn’t really want any stores to accept Dogecoin.”

At the time of writing, Dogecoin (DOGE) is down more than 4% in the past day and down 25% from last week. Dogecoin is trading for $0.47 but is still up 590% in the last month.

Source: AZCoin News

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