The next evolution of Huobi Prime

The Huobi Prime alliance is the second round of Huobi’s introduced project alliance. It will be arranged in three rounds once every month, bringing together a collection of exceptional blockchain projects that are established with high market value or potential, top-quality service/ product or simply an outstanding team with recognized backgrounds. The Huobi Asset Center operated by its business unit will manage third party assets in a professional, efficient, and responsible way. It is the cornerstone of the Huobi Blockchain Project’s smart contract ecosystem.

Huobi Prime is a platform that allows token issuers to present their project through digital asset brochures and receive feedback from the community. Hosted by Huobi, the exchange is designed to provide users with valuable insights into blockchain projects before buying tokens.

Huobi Prime consists of an listing section and a lending section. Projects listed on the Prime platform are selected by the Huobi Pro experts based on project quality, technology capability, team strength, compliance and ability to withstand a risk-free rate.

“We foresee many people to adopt a wait-and-see attitude at the beginning, but we believe Huobi Prime will provide a good reason to participate. Huobi Prime team selects high-quality projects from a large pool of potential candidates and provides users with a channel to invest and participate with a low barrier of entry. More importantly, users who are interested in the project can receive an early start,” said Ciara Sun, vice chairman of worldwide Markets at Huobi Group.

For crypto traders, to get access to those new assets available on Huobi Prime would require users to carry a minimum of 300 Huobi Tokens for 6 days (From 5 to 14/2021 to 5/19/2021).

Different from the previous Huobi Prime events, this 7th Huobi Prime release is going to be conducted in two separate rounds. Within the first round, order placements made with Huobi Token (HT) are going to be filled through a random draw process to make sure profits aren’t concentrated during a few power users. Within the second round, the system will perform a proportionate allocation supported by the amount of pending orders.

“The reintroduction of Huobi Prime aims to assist retail traders gain a fair opportunity to access premium projects. we would like to market inclusiveness within the crypto world and show that the market isn’t only for investors with deep pockets,” added Ciara Sun. “Customer needs are at the forefront of everything we do at Huobi. Huobi Prime is extremely much an extension of that.”

APENFT is the world’s first art blockchain platform featuring world-class artworks from artists including Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana. APENFT has collaborated with foundational projects in the blockchain industry–Ethereum, ConsenSys, Blockstack Labs and Artecard–to create a distributed digital registry of artwork as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum. APENFT’s aim is to transform the exclusive art pieces into something that belongs to everyone.

“Although we’ve variety of strong candidates for Huobi Prime’s re-launch, we were extremely impressed by APENFT’s aspiration to form art accessible to everyone. To not mention, it’s built on Ethereum (ETH) and TRON (TRX) and powered by the world’s largest distributed data storage systems,” stated Ciara. “Without a doubt, this will strengthen the HT token and convey more volume to the whole crypto ecosystem.”

Huobi Group

The Huobi ecosystem provides a safe, professional, trustworthy and quality service for users who can trade cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges in a simple and effective manner. The Huobi brand was created in 2013, and since that time, has been a driving force behind the rapid development of bitcoin and blockchain markets in China. As the leading global digital asset financial service provider, it is also one of the earliest promoters of blockchain in the world. Within less than 5 years since its establishment (from 2013 to 2018), Huobi had become one of top three cryptocurrency exchanges globally with 1.54 million users worldwide and 23 USD billion trading volume (As per CoinMarketCap 0201).

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