Elon Musk’s new statement about Bitcoin didn’t last long as Jack Dorsey fights back

Cryptocurrency giants are battling it out for and against Bitcoin this week.

After Elon Musk’s Tesla dropping Bitcoin (BTC) payments citing environmental concerns, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has come to the rescue of Bitcoin (BTC). Dorsey, who also heads digital payments company Square Bitcoin changes “everything” for the higher.

He also expressed his commitment to creating Bitcoin better with time. Jack Dorsey tweeted:

Jack’s tweet came in response to face CFO Amrita Ahuja stating that the company’s Bitcoin strategy hasn’t changed. Square Inc has invested quite $150 million in Bitcoin over the previous couple of months. However, the Square CFO also assures the company’s commitment to a greener future via its Bitcoin Clean Energy Initiative.

Dorsey: No Single Person Can Change Bitcoin (BTC)

Although Tesla continues to carry its Bitcoin (BTC), Elon Musk has been whimsically changing sides and increasing support to his favorite meme-coin Dogecoin (DOGE). After asking his followers whether they would really like to find out DOGE payments at Tesla, Musk announced that he’s working with Dogecoin developers to form the entire system better.

This has resulted during a strange war of Bitcoin vs Dogecoin within the crypto community. Responding to Jack’s tweet and therefore the drama all around one person Knut Svanhold wrote: “Neither Jack, nor Elon, nor anyone else can change #Bitcoin. Bitcoin will change Jack, Elon and everybody else”. Jack too agreed to his statement writing:

Jack Dorsey has been related to a variety of Bitcoin-backed initiatives to bring the cryptocurrency to the masses. Earlier in February 2021, Jack Dorsey partnered with JayZ to launch a Bitcoin Fund for developers in Africa and India. Together they announced making a gift of 500 BTC.

Tesla Investors proud of Musk’s Decision to Drop Bitcoin (BTC)

Well, because it seems , not most are against Tesla for dropping Bitcoin (BTC) payments. Reuters asked a couple of prominent investors in Tesla, and here’s what that they had to mention. APG Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Peter Branner said:

“The energy waste should be avoided no matter its color. And Tesla should specialise in its core business. Drop the bitcoin position and move on.”

Guillaume Mascotto, head of ESG and Investment Stewardship at American Century Investments, one of top-40 Tesla investors said that a enter Bitcoin would rather have an impression on the way it’s viewed. Mascotto noted:

“It would affect our ESG risk views on payment companies and other firms taking large positions in crypto especially if it contributes to ‘engineering’ their bottom-lines like we saw with Tesla.”

It looks like Musk always possesses some people buy his side on any decision that he takes!

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