Bitcoin Cash has done a succesful upgrade

Today, the crypto universe is celebrating the successful hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). A few hours ago, it completed its third on-chain protocol upgrade. Proffered as a means to make transactions more efficient and accelerate transactions fees close to zero, this fork was crucial for Bitcoin Cash’s success.

With double-spending, the probability of Bitcoin Cash can double its coins in a split second, for every transaction; whereas this update will be zero during the transaction using Bitcoin Cash. Coin Dance reported that BCH users had mined 82 blocks using the new applied rules.

The new Bitcoin Cash development procedure allows for many improvements and upgraded the network. The process takes less time to implement and update. The two proposals submitted revised the programming code suggesting faster transactions and more secure transactions using updated cryptography standards, which proponents believe will make the network more scalable, fungible and valuable.

In the early development stage, Bitcoin Cash faced a lot of challenges. In 2020, BCH was suffering hard forks when Bitcoin ABC developers proposed new rules to further develop the cryptocurrency governed by a consensus protocol. It’s said that one node suffered from attacks and had to split into two splits (Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin SV). The resulting market turmoil caused BCH price collapse temporarily for 10% in 24 hours.

It is unmistakable that Bitcoin Cash developers have learned from their past mistakes, acknowledging their weakness in betting for an effective way to handle the service upgrade. It is undeniable that it would be a great help for most people. This is also a fresh experience for them. For users who have been there from the very beginning of Bitcoin Cash’s development, they can justify this and acknowledge its strength because they had experienced it themselves.

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

BCH sale is open to everyone. It also offers an investment program that rewards you with a lot of returns if you are prepared to dive deep and get your feet wet. BCH is a secure and reliable cryptocurrency with the potential to make you actual money in as little as 90 days. Gains from investments sustained over a period can be huge if coins are traded wisely.

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