Are These The Next Superstar Crypto Projects?

2021 has been an incredibly lucrative period for cryptocurrency investors with the average cryptocurrency more than doubling in value since the start of the year.

But more than this, some of this year’s hottest projects have managed to rack up impressive returns, with examples like My Neighbor Alice, Casper, and Refinable, and others even achieving a peak return of more than 100x this year alone. 

Understandably, investors are now on the lookout for the next big thing in crypto — in particular, paying close attention to projects with the most disruptive potential. Here, we take a look at three projects we think fit the bill and stand an excellent chance of achieving considerable success.


Billed as a “decentralized smart order routing engine” deFIRE looks to supercharge the DeFi space by addressing some of the major challenges for DeFi users — such as sourcing liquidity, optimizing fees, and executing more advanced investment strategies. 

The platform is built for the Cardano ecosystem and will be the first platform to offer swaps for native Cardano tokens. It uses Changelly technology to identify the best prices for different tokens across a wide variety of DEX platforms to maximize each user’s capital efficiency.

As a next-generation DEX aggregator, deFIRE looks to provide traders with tools not currently available elsewhere, such as limit orders for DEX’s, hidden orders (using dark order books), and protection against front-runners — currently a major problem for DEX traders on Ethereum. 

The platform is built around the CWAP token, which provides a wide array of uses for holders — including CWAP denominated rebates when using the platform. It can also be staked to earn a portion of trading fees and participate in the referral system to earn further rewards.

deFIRE will be hosting its initial DEX offering (IDO) on OccamRazer between May 21 and May 28, 2021 — following which the CWAP token will be launched for public trading.

XCAD Network

Xcad Network is an upcoming Zilliqa-based platform that looks to revamp the way content creators monetize and engage with their audience.

Through Xcad Network, content creators are able to mint specialized creator tokens, which can be used to reward viewers and followers for engaging with their content. They can also be exchanged for a variety of interactive opportunities and merch, allowing content creators to forge a more direct relationship with their audience and reward long-term support.

Beyond this, the platform also features a unique creator NFT marketplace, which creators can use to mint NFTs depicting various iconic moments of their career and more. These can then be sold or distributed to their community members who have staked that creator’s tokens. On the flip side, users will be able to trade their YouTuber NFTs on the marketplace to turn a profit, and can purchase NFT packs with the hopes of scoring an elusive gold or rare NFT. 

If sheer hype is any indicator of quality, then XCAD Network is definitely one to watch. The platform has already secured investments from the two largest YouTube influencers in the US and UK — Mr Beast and KSI — and is already the most popular DAO Maker launch ever. 

The token-generation event is currently slated for May 2021. Definitely one to watch. 


Polkadot has long been hailed as a revolution for the blockchain industry — thanks to its potential to bridge together the huge array of standalone blockchains into one cohesive network.

ParaState is a project that looks to open the Polkadot ecosystem to developers, by making it easier for them to build applications on this decentralized blockchain ecosystem. It achieves this by bringing existing Ethereum smart contracts to ParaState through its Ewasm virtual machine, while allowing developers to easily create Ethereum-compatible smart contracts in over 20 different programming languages, including JavaScript and Rust.

Self-described as “Ethereum on steroids”, ParaState also provides a range of simple plug-and-play modules, allowing projects to quickly bootstrap their development with various DeFi legos — such as a stablecoin, AMM, open lending protocol, and more. 

It hopes this will help bring the full scope of DeFi products to Polkadot at record speed, while helping builders take advantage of the massive throughput and low transaction fees that come with Substrate-based blockchains like ParaState.

There’s no fixed date for the public sale on this one, but given that it just closed a $5 million strategic funding round, it’s safe to say it’s inching ever closer to launch. 

Source: ZyCrypto

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