Binance is looking for artists and designers for its NFT marketplace

Binance is inviting talented artists and creators to join the Innovative Creators Program in honor of launching its own NFT marketplace this June. Thus, the “people of culture” have another opportunity to convert their talent into the format of innovative NFT assets.

In late April, Binance announced the launch of a separate platform for trading exclusively non-fungible tokens. Under her auspices, they strive to gather the most talented artists, designers, and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. Within the framework of the platform, the creators also intend to hold regular large-scale exhibitions and joint NFT projects with other representatives of the crypto community.

The promotion period is from 05/20/2021, 11:00 UTC to 05/31/2021, 23:59 UTC.

Binance has not forgotten about pleasant bonuses for authors:

  • Promotion of works not only on the NFT trading platform but also on the official pages of the exchange in social networks
  • Low commissions for artists and designers of 1% on every NFT sold, followed by 1% royalties on all future sales

You can apply using the email address provided on the official Binance blog. If you still haven’t thought about additional monetization of your own talent now is the time. Especially considering the wild popularity of the NFT sphere over the past six months.

Based on what is being asked from potential contributors, Binance is primarily interested in those who are familiar with the concept of non-fungible tokens at least at a basic level. As additional requirements, representatives of the exchange, selecting participants for the future NFT platform, request links to their accounts in social networks. Because of this, artists should make sure they have at least a few examples of works posted online. In addition, examples are one of the mandatory points when applying to participate in the opening of Binance NFT.

Source: CoinShark

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