Domino’s Pizza Staff Can Now Be Paid in Bitcoin

A Dutch franchise with 16 Domino’s stores has announced it will partner with BTC Direct to offer Bitcoin as a salary option to its 1,000 employees.

Employees can choose how much of their salary will be paid in Bitcoin

The franchisee, Immensus Holdings, is Holland’s largest with 16 Domino’s stores. It will start offering the salary option, partnering with the Dutch crypto exchange BTC Direct. Employees can choose how much of their salary above the minimum wage should be paid in Bitcoin. It is not possible to have the entire salary paid in Bitcoin.

“We work with a lot of young employees. We hear them talking about bitcoin, and we want to offer them the opportunity to own a cryptocurrency,” Immensuus co-owner Jonathan Gurevich said.

The news was announced on Bitcoin Pizza Day, Bitcoin was used as a form of payment that day in 2010 to pay for two pizzas that cost Laszlo Hanyecz 10,000 BTC.

What’s in it for the future?

We have seen several companies accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. It is new that more companies are starting to see Bitcoin as a way to pay their employees. We’ve already seen it with the NBA basketball team Sacramento Kings. The basketball team told the press that they will be paying their players in Bitcoin. NFL player Sean Culkin also announced that he will be converting his salary into cryptocurrencies in April.

Source: Cryptonary

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