Orion Protocol Allows Trading ERC-20 Tokens on Binance Chain

Orion Protocol is building the first decentralized liquidity aggregator for cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow users to trade ERC-20 tokens on Binance Chain despite not being listed on that particular exchange yet.

The release of Orion Bridge with Binance Bridge will also be the first step towards allowing the trading of any ERC-20 token on any exchange supported by Orion Protocol, a feature that would have previously required a separate listing process.

The whole point was to provide more liquidity and lower fees for all users going forward. One will only have to pay gas fees when sending tokens to Orion’s terminal.

Multiple Exchanges Incoming

The first step of the Orion Protocol is the launch of BSC Token Gateways, which allow tokens to flow into and out of Binance Chain. The next step is the introduction of cross-chain trading protocol between Binance Chain and Ethereum Mainnet. Users will be able to trade ERC20 tokens through multiple exchanges, including Hotbit, Dexdex, FCoin, Coinbene, Litebit.pro and BiBox.

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