Bitcoin Miner Says 90% Carbon Neutral

A USA based bitcoin miner has announced they produce almost no carbon when mining bitcoin, DGHI said in a statement.

“We are extremely proud to report that over 90% of the energy consumed by Digihost is from sources producing zero carbon emissions, and that over 50% is from renewable sources of energy, making Digihost one of the cleanest green Bitcoin mining operations in the United States,” Michel Amar, the CEO of Digihost Technology (DGHI) said before adding:

“As a Company, we have always been cognizant of the potential impact Bitcoin mining could have on the environment and therefore have planned our growth and expansion to be environmentally conscious, in our pursuit of opportunities that maximize value for our shareholders.”

Another miner, Marathon, said they are 70% carbon neutral and the company will work towards increasing it further.

For DGHI 42.68% of the energy comes from hydro power, 41.19% comes from nuclear, 6.45% from wind and 1.15% from other renewables.

Just 7% of their power comes from gas, and only 0.23% from coal with even less for oil at a minuscule 0.02%.

So making this one of the greenest bitcoin miner with most bitcoin datacenters utilizing hydro power in particular.

Unlike other datacenters, like those of Google or Apple, bitcoin miners have a huge incentive to get cheap and renewable energy as the mining process is very competitive.

Thus that DGHI is almost fully carbon neutral is not quite surprising as for an industry like bitcoin it largely makes business sense.

Source: Trustnodes

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