Apple is Considering Adding Crypto to its Payment System

Cupertino-based company announces search for specialist as business development manager

The ideal candidate for this vacancy has worked with blockchain projects for more than 5 years, and is well oriented in the crypto industry. It will help Apple develop the scope of alternative payments.

The specialist should have practical experience working with suppliers of alternative payment solutions. Including, but not limited to blockchain wallets, BNPL, cryptocurrency projects and instant money transfer systems.

A candidate must have at least 10 years of overall experience, including at least 6 years in business. The hired employee will work full-time at the company’s headquarters.

Recall that since mid-February, U.S. residents can use Apple Pay to pay cryptocurrencies for goods and services. However, so far these payments are made through a partner, the service BitPay.

Owners of BitPay Wallet must add to Apple Pay® their BitPay card to spend cryptocurrency. Direct payments to Apple are not working yet. Perhaps soon the situation will change.

Source: CoinShark

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