Dental Clinic in Ontario to Accept Cryptocurrency for Its Services

Southdown Dental, a clinic in Mississauga, Ontario, is introducing a new payment option. Patients will soon be able to pay with cryptocurrency for its services. The dental clinic says it will take digital money for any procedure, from regular checkups to children’s braces.

Canadian Dental Clinic Meets Rising Demand for Crypto Acceptance

The dental clinic is stepping into the crypto world to address a “growing positive sentiment towards cryptocurrency.” Its management noted the increased use of digital coins in Canada’s consumer and services industry. Cryptocurrency offers users autonomy, reduces transaction fees, and facilitates quick and easy payments, the clinic pointed out in a press release.

Southdown Dental provides services to the residents of Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area, in Canada’s most populous province, Ontario. The clinic, which was established in 1989, takes pride in being an “early adopter of innovations” in the dental field, utilizing the latest available technologies to provide its patients with the best care. The dental clinic stated:

Seeing the rise in cryptocurrency usage, Southdown Dental is excited to be part of this movement and to meet the rising demand of Canadians for more cryptocurrency acceptance.

The dental center also admitted that many patients don’t have full coverage for some of the more expensive procedures. And in these unpredictable times, the clinic says, they might want to keep their cash in their bank accounts and spend some of their crypto holdings instead. With the exception of the recent market correction, the value of cryptocurrencies has been on rise since last year.

From Regular Checkups to Surgery and Braces – Patients Can Pay for Everything With Cryptocurrency

Southdown Dental offers its clients financing, if they need it, different payment plans, and a variety of payment options that now becomes even greater with the addition of crypto payments. The press release did not mention the supported coins but Dr. Kal Khaled, co-owner of the clinic, assured:

Whether it is a regular checkup, a surgical procedure, or braces, our patients will be able to choose traditional payment methods or cryptocurrency going forward.

“This is an exciting shift to be the first Canadian dental clinic to take the leap into a new territory that will offer our patients new options during a very uncertain time,” added his partner, Dr. Bob Vavaroutsos.

According to a report by Canadian local news outlet Daily Hive, quoting Coinmap data, Downtown Dental Hygiene Clinic in Toronto also accepts cryptocurrency. But even if Southdown Dental is not the first in the sector to take crypto, it’s certainly among the pioneers.

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