Elon Musk Has Got Bitcoin Profile Picture on Twitter Again

Tesla CEO Elon Musk now has a new profile picture on his Twitter account – the anime Japanese girl in a dress with a Bitcoin logo on it.

Is he trying to impact the market again?

Musk brings back his old Bitcoin profile pic

Earlier this year, Musk already brought this avatar back – on February 19, warning that it was “just for a day”. This girl has also got “laser eyes” now.

The billionaire did it shortly after Tesla announced its massive BTC purchase worth $1.5 billion and later spreading the word about starting to accept Bitcoin as payment for Tesla cars.

Back then, Musk tagged Bitcoin in his Twitter bioi section, thus pushing the flagship crypto’s price from the $32,000 level to over $37,000 line.

Back in 2018, the same profile picture got Elon Musk’s Twitter account temporarily blocked.

Image via Twitter

Bitcoiners fall out with Elon

Recently, however, Elon has got himself into hot water with the Bitcoin community and Bitcoin influencers after he tweeted that Tesla suspends Bitcoin payments for reasons to do with the controversial carbon footprint issues of Bitcoin mining.

Some in the community, such as Bitcoin influencer Anthony Pompliano, believe that Musk prepares to launch green Bitcoin mining business in the near future and so far is just pulling focus on the problem for the community.

He seems to have merely brought the environmental concerns regarding Bitcoin to the boiling point as governments after that started the same narrative about the necessity to reduce the global and local CO2 emissions, such as EU and China.

The latter is now clamping down on Bitcoin mining and other high energy-consuming projects, making crypto miners leave for more friendly jurisdictions with cheaper energy.

Iran has also suspended Bitcoin mining for the summer season after massive power cuts in the country.

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