Amazon is looking for a head of product in blockchain

E-commerce giant Amazon has posted a job listing on its LinkedIn related to blockchain technology. The post states that they are looking for a Head of Product in Blockchain with experience in Ethereum.

The business unit that is searching for a person to join the team is Amazon Web Services

The job ad explains that they are looking for someone who is passionate about blockchain and decentralized networks. He also has to see the potential to change the way people, businesses, and governments conduct transactions. A key requirement for the job is “experience with blockchain frameworks, technology and applications, including Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric”.

The business unit that is looking for a person to join the team is Amazon Web Services. They have been working on Amazon Managed Blockchain, a service that makes it easy to manage scalable blockchain networks using the open source Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum frameworks.

Amazon is still interested in cryptocurrency

Earlier this year, there were rumors of Amazon launching its own cryptocurrency. The company has shown no signs of actually creating one after the experiment in 2013 where they released “Amazon coins”. Although they are not launching their own cryptocurrency, their interest in blockchain technology and DeFi still exists, and it is very likely that Amazon will try to be a dominant player in this space, just like in the other sectors they have been active in.

Amazon isn’t the first company looking for a new employee with DeFi experience. Another company that recently posted a job listing was tech giant Apple.

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