Australian-based broker SelfWealth to offer crypto trading services

The cryptocurrency market continues to gain adoption despite the current bearish trend.

SelfWealth to offer cryptocurrency trading services

Australian-based online broker SelfWealth has announced that it would start offering cryptocurrency trading services to its clients. The company said the move is in line with its desire to shift from a pure share trading platform to a wealth creation platform.

In a blog post earlier today, SelfWealth said, “We will be partnering with an established and secure cryptocurrency exchange to provide access to cryptocurrencies. This is off the back of research we’ve done, including answers from many of you. You want to access crypto, but you want it done in a safe and secure manner. You will be able to trade cryptocurrencies that have been vetted by us first. We will factor in popularity, liquidity and security.”

The online broker intends to support up to 10 major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), before the end of the year. The move into the cryptocurrency space comes from the company’s desire to shift from a share trading platform to a wealth creation one.

Demand for cryptocurrencies is rising

SelfWealth said it is entering the cryptocurrency market due to the huge demand for cryptos from Australians. CEO Cath Whitaker said, “Australians have decided that cryptocurrency is here to stay and are looking for trusted platforms to facilitate their investment decisions.”

In a recent survey of 3,500 customers, SelfWealth found out that30% of respondents have already invested in cryptocurrencies. Another 38% of the respondents intend to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptos.

Australians, like citizens of other parts of the world, are increasing their demand for cryptocurrencies. The increase in demand comes despite a decline in the prices of cryptocurrencies in recent weeks.

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