$7B investment firm recommends crypto to beat currency debasement

Crypto and land are the best assets to protect against currency debasement, advises contrarian investment firm Horizon Kinetics.

Contrarian investment firm Horizon Kinetics is advising investors to seek exposure to crypto assets amid mounting global economic challenges.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Horizon co-founder Peter Doyle warned that the coronavirus pandemic and growing debt will usher an inflection point for the world economy, predicting:

“There is no turning back after the pandemic and globally there is a debt problem and it means either default or currency debasement.”

Horizon’s Paradigm fund made a 1% allocation into Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust in 2016, with the investment now representing 10% of the fund’s portfolio.

“People should have exposure to the asset class,” asserted Doyle, emphasizing Bitcoin’s capped supply amid concerns regarding currency debasement.

“The best long-term investors tend to have concentrated portfolios and low turnover in holdings as they let the companies they own grow and compound returns,” he added.

Horizon Kinetics currently boasts three of the top-10 performing mutual funds of 2021 so far, according to Morningstar.

In addition to its crypto allocation, the firm’s top-performing funds have benefited from long-term investments in land owners and real estate developers across North America, including Texas Pacific Land, Dream Unlimited and Brookfield Asset Management.

Earlier this month, European blockchain firm Guardtime published findings that the coronavirus pandemic has spurred governments to expedite exploration into central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

Predicting that a CBDC could be launched within three years, the firm’s research found that “not only has Coronavirus accelerated the digitization of society, it has also further transformed how we use money.”

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