Facebook and Bitcoin: Why Mark Zuckerberg’s goat could be a hint of things to come

The Bitcoin community was flattered when the founder of Facebook revealed his identity as a bitcoiner who has been following the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, according to Bloomberg.

According to his recent post, Zuckerberg named his goats “Max” and “Bitcoin”.

The LiveCoins page found that when combining the two words Max and Bitcoin together, it becomes a meaningful phrase.

Max Bitcoin is a phrase about the ability to optimize Bitcoin purchases in the buyer’s portfolio. In addition, another account also analyzed that the word GOAT that Mark Zuckerberg mentioned is an acronym for Greatest of All Time. According to this account, the Facebook CEO is viewing Bitcoin as the greatest digital currency.

According to the news, Mark Zuckerberg did not own Bitcoin. In an interview with Harvard Law School’s fintech journal, Facebook founder and CEO said that he does not have a lot of involvement in any cryptocurrency currently. He also went on to add that he is more interested of the possibilities of blockchain technology and its underlying architecture. According to them, the naming of Max and Bitcoin for the two goats was simply a hobby of the Facebook boss.

Bitcoin is currently receiving great interest from tech billionaires. Elon Musk’s Tesla bought $ 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoins earlier this year and started to let customers buy electric cars pay with the cryptocurrency. As a well-known company in the crypto industry, it is believed that Square has spent millions of dollars to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase.

The date is scheduled two weeks after the official date of filing of the cryptocurrency exchange. The proportion of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune held in bitcoin has increased by around 50,000% since he started buying the cryptocurrency in 2015. But the firm has revealed that it cannot comment on its earnings call. Facebook has $ 64 billion in cash and equivalents, but the company is still struggling. The social network loses billions of dollars from fake accounts, people do not use the platform as much as they used to, and many users are angry with how Facebook handles their data.

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