Miami’s BTC Conference Accepts Bitcoin for COVID 19 Tests

Progressive Care is offering fast COVID 19 tests at a drugstore near the BTC Conference in Miami this year. The best thing is that anyone taking the rapid tests can pay through Bitcoin.

Keep in mind that the BTC 2021 conference in Miami attracted multiple visitors from different regions. At the moment, market players refer to it as the largest event in crypto history.

Progressive Care eyes for more than 50,000 guests attend the seminar. The pharmacy is ready to render its rapid Covid test to any interested individual.

The conference seems to stand out by accepting Bitcoin payments for people taking the tests. That comes after different institutions venture into the crypto market, allowing their customers to make crypto payments. What do you think about digital coins and the future of currency? Will BTC replace traditional money?

Progressive Care chairman and CEO Alan Jay declared that their firm believes blockchain technology has a place in the future.

Moreover, the CEO said that they aim to be the leading testing facility in specific industries. Weisberg declared that healthcare looks to offer its Covid-19 test services to multiple organizations.

Their targeted institutions include international airlines, financial institutions, corporate employers, chain restaurants, and Fortune 500 entertainment firms. As of now, the facilities have tested more than 10,000 individuals for Covid-related cases.

In total, Progressive Care has accumulated more than 1 million dollars in revenues for testing alone. For that reason, Jay welcomes BTC holders for solutions on any of their COVID testing needs.

Moreover, the conference coincides with Miami’s idea to include BTC in the city’s business activities. As a result, the municipality leaders plan to make Miami a tech hub in the future. Maybe the Bitcoin event will promote their dreams since cryptocurrency and technology go hand in hand.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez seems to be a great Bitcoin enthusiast. The leader started to initiate BTC mining to make the town a hub for Bitcoin mining. Remember, different regions have been attacking Bitcoin due to environ-concerns. For instance, Tesla suspended the crypto since it requires high electricity to mine.

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