Paraguay Hints at Bitcoin PayPal Project

The Deputy of the Nation of Paraguay has suggested that the country is about to focus on an “important project” involving Bitcoin and PayPal.

A politician changed his profile photo on Twitter to one with laser eyes

Just a day after the president of El Salvador made his announcement, another country, Paraguay, has hinted at joining the list of countries adopting Bitcoin. A politician of the country also changed his profile photo with laser eyes and revealed that a big announcement about Bitcoin adoption will come this week.

Although the actual details are sparse, the post seems very positive about cryptocurrencies and even includes terminology used by crypto enthusiasts. Rejala Helman ended the note with the words “the real one to the moon,” accompanied by hashtags for BTC and PayPal.

There could be a big difference between the plan of the two countries that mention Bitcoin

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele announced his plans to submit a bill to the country’s Congress to make Bitcoin legal tender at Bitcoin 2021. Jack Mallers, founder of the Bitcoin payments company Strike, introduced Bukele’s pre-recorded message, revealing that he has been working in El Salvador to increase Bitcoin adoption.

It’s not clear what Paraguay is working on, but it could be a big difference from El Salvador’s message, as Rejala Helman mentioned PayPal. The payments company has recently made big moves to accept bitcoin by allowing crypto payments and withdrawals on third-party wallets.

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